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Stinking Thinking

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STINKING THINKING : By Dr. Charles Majors


“Up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Negative thinking, worry, stress, fear, or anxiety lowers your immune system and can set you up for sickness, disease, or even cancer.

The purpose of your immune system is to defend and protect your body from bacteria, toxins, and viruses. It’s a powerful life saving system. Every time you ingest germs, bacteria or a toxin, your body’s immune system has to destroy it quickly, because it’s trained to do whatever it takes to keep you from getting sick.

Negative thoughts, worry, and fear affect this relationship with the immune system and weaken the immunity. A study done looking at over 300 empirical articles describing a relationship between psychological stress and the immune system found that: Acute stress, lasting ONLY minutes was associated with weakening natural immunity1. Just minutes!

So, how do your negative thoughts weaken the immune system? Stress, worry, doubt, or anxiety puts stress on your body with such force that you release a lot of the stress hormone, cortisol, throughout your body.

Stress, worry, doubt, or anxiety don’t necessarily cause you to get sick. They weaken your body and set up the environment of your body and immune system to be weaker. If you are stressed and someone coughs or sneezes germs on you, your weakened immune system has a hard time fighting back, and that causes you to get sick.

Cortisol can save your life or take your life!

Cortisol has a purpose and is there to save your life when necessary. During periods of intense stress, as though you were about to be attacked by a bear, cortisol tries to reduce inflammation by weakening some of the antibodies that can increase inflammation.

Cortisol is only helpful in short bursts. When you experience prolonged stress, your body needs those T-cells and white blood cells, and unfortunately, cortisol continues to suppress them, thus weakening your immune system over time.

Non-stop worrying damages you at a cellular level and decreases longevity.

So how does worrying and stress affect our cells?

Researchers analyzed the cells of mothers caring for critically sick children. The goal was to discover if stress affected a key part of the chromosome known as a telomere, thought to be a marker of aging. Telomeres cap the ends of chromosomes, which contain the body’s DNA. As people begin to age, this cap begins to dwindle down. Disease steps in when the telomere gets too short to work effectively and cells all over the body begin to die.

Conclusion of the study: The longer women cared for sick children (the longer they stayed stressed), the shorter the telomere became.2

How does stress and worrying cause cancer?

STRESS lowers the immune system and decreases the body’s ability to fight disease, so it also loses the ability to kill cancer cells. Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., assistant professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center agrees—STRESS lowers the body’s ability to FIGHT CANCER!

A few techniques for conquering stress include:

MaxT3 exercise 3-4 days per week

Prayer or meditation

Corrective chiropractic adjustments

Seeing unavoidable stress as a blessing and an opportunity for growth

You will always face stress, it’s inevitable. You need tools and strategies so you are prepared to handle the stress every day.


2. Study- An Integrative Review of Factors Associated with Telomere Length and Implications for Biobehavioral Research



Dr. Majors is a survivor of brain cancer that threatened to take his life five years ago. He allowed his body to heal itself from cancer using holistic measures and is a passionate advocate of helping people understand the true art of health and preventative care.